Monday, June 14, 2010

Trunk Show + Wine + Chocolate + Gifts + Prizes = Awesomeness

Hello, out there!

If anyone is still reading our blog (bless you, if you are), you'll have noticed it's become a bit moldy. (By moldy, I mean the last blog post was about 10 months ago.) Our blogging has fallen by the wayside as we've experienced a year rich with business and product development. Now we're ready to get back on the blogwaves!

What better occasion to do so than to invite our loyal readers to a summer kick-off trunk show event. :)

So our boutique is pretty booming these days, what with all the luxurious-to-the-touch sustainable and eco-fabrics for summer. EcoSkin carries just about the softest material I've ever touched. Ever. It's buttery and non-clinging, and it formats itself to every body type. Stacia is a beachy, California-inspired line with gorgeous knitwear. Click on these designers - go on, do it, I'll wait here. The photos are fabulous and inspiring. Seriously!

We'll be showing off some selections of these lines, plus jewelry by eco-designer Green Glass. I'd link to their site, as well, but Google search isn't yielding any results. If anyone knows their super-elite, hidden Web address, let me know. We'll give them the link-up.

While you're exploring and having try-on parties with these awesome collections, we'll be serving you free organic wine and chocolate tastings. (Pause for glee-filled squealing). We'll also be offering special prices on the featured clothing, as well as other gifts and prizes from our boutique, just because you guys are awesome.

So come out this weekend, we'll be running this all Friday and Saturday (June 18-19). It's FREE - as in you don't have to buy any of the clothes to enjoy them - but, you SHOULD buy some clothes. Because, they're worth it and one-of-a-kind.

And because you support local business and have fabulous fashion sense. ;)

We'll see you this weekend!


(**Photo caption: The gal in the blue dress is ecoSkin's Spring 2010 Lookbook model. Doesn't she look like she's having fun in that cute blue dress?)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Self Discovery through movement"

Isn't it about time you begin a deeper journey into yourself? Ask any Nia teacher, and they will tell you that self discovery frequently is rooted in a somatic, body-based experience. Nia combines movement with cognitive exploration, making it an exercise for your entire integrated being. Nia helps condition the body and the nervous system by involving education for the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

“For me, Nia is movement as medicine. The practice feeds me and allows me to move my emotions, honor my spirit, and express my most wild self!” says Kelle Oien, Nia Instructor. Kelle's passion for Nia extends to the participants of her lively classes at Body, creating an impressive cult following. Stop by to experience the ecstatic celebration of movement that feels more like a party than a workout class.

If you are new to Nia, check out Kelle's weekend workshop "New to Nia - the Basics". The class will be held August 8, 2:00-4:30pm.

Photo Copyright Daniel Quat

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BODY Studio on Yogamtes!

A few weeks ago, Body was graced by the presence of Kasey Luber - yogini and journalist. Kasey, also known as Karuna, was on a yoga adventure, in which she visited 50 yoga studios in 50 days. Half way through her journey she stopped by Body to take Emily Branden's Vinyasa with Music class. Check out the video she took in our studio!

For more on Kasey and her organization Yogamates, click here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Farmer's Market Salad

We love the Farmers Market in Santa Fe! In fact, we've even developed a seasonal salad as an homage to our talented farmers and food artisans. Last week, Body café visited the Farmers Market, and Lorin Parrish, owner and chef, gave an illuminating culinary demonstration on Body café's raw Swiss Chard Farmers Market salad. If you'd like to try it at home, click here!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Claudia Villela and Bruce Dunlap

Have you ever heard music that could instantly change your mood? One moment you are stressed and tired by a long day at work, but then you put on your favorite music and the stress seems to ebb away. The opportunity has arrived for at least one stress free evening is the daily bump and grind. Claudia Villela and Bruce Dunlap will be playing at BODY Saturday, July 25 at 8:00 pm for a special concert. "Claudia Villela has long been a superior jazz singer...haunting voice, very wide range and an adventurous spirit." LOS ANGELES JAZZ SCENE. And Bruce "His beautifully constructed originals are harmonic in conception, brimming with colorful altered chords that catapult the music into new expressive heights. In the process Dunlap comes up with some unforgettable melodies... The guitarist himself has impressive chops, but you always get the distinct feeling that his virtuosity is in service to the music... Dunlap has created a stirring, intellectually satisfying collection of pieces that have the grace and emotional import of fine poetry." -JAZZIZ

Do not miss this evening of beautiful jazz and a chance to soothe your soul.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Find your own style

Have you ever noticed all of the familiar faces in your yoga class? That sense of community is one of the best parts of creating a regular practice at Body Studio. Uniting in meditation can be a powerful experience, and creating a weekly dedication to a sacred communal space has the potential to foster significant transformations.

Nevertheless, it can be very enriching to branch out to try a new class in a different yoga style. Find a new community of yogis in one of the 3 Yogic traditions offered at Body. If you've hesitated to try a new style of yoga because you're unsure of what they might entail, take a peak at the following demystifying descriptions.

Hatha Yoga : Focuses on breathing technique and extended meditation. This practice is excellent for purification of the mind and the physical body. This style of yoga is perfect for the beginner, because it tends to be slow paced, and helps develop proper technique in the asanas. ~Taught by Laurence, Tim, and Emily~

Vinyasa Yoga:
This technique appeals to yogis who are looking for a faster paced class. All asanas are practiced in a flowing sequence that focuses on alignment and movement. Body offers several Vinyasa classes, occasionally with live music accompaniment. ~Taught by Emily, Sean, and David~

Ashtanga Vinyasa:
These classes are generally lead off by a Sanskrit mantra. Historically this tradition originates from an ancient Indian text, the Yoga Korunta, that touted the benefits of following a specific series.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Peter Kater & Dominic Miller, Sting's Guitarist

BODY is thrilled to present:
“In a Dream”
Peter Kater & Dominic Miller In Concert
Peter Kater was born in Munich Germany in 1958 and later moved with his family to New Jersey where he started classical piano lessons which later led to a deep exploration into contemporary improvisation. His love for Rock and Pop music along with the classics and jazz created a "hybrid" style of his own. Based out of Boulder, CO in the 1980's, Peter and only a handful of musicians spearheaded a brand new genre of music we now know as New Age music. Peter went on to be a leading contributor to Contemporary Jazz radio with several Top 10 national releases. He also helped bring Native American and World Music to the mainstream in collaborations with Native American flutist, R. Carlos Nakai, and Tibetan flutist, Nawang Khechog. Add to that scores for 11 On and Off-Broadway plays, over 100 television programs and many films and documentaries and you're just starting to understand this diverse and prolific artist. Peter has received 5 Grammy Award nominations in the last 6 years, has sold millions of CD's and is a proud recipient of the Environmental Leadership Award from the United Nations. His love of nature and the environment motivates him to work with the media arts to help and inspire support many environmental support organizations. He's recently scored the music to the award winning films "10 Questions for the Dalai Lama" and the soon to be released "Legends of Secret Pass".
You've heard guitarist Dominic Miller play on STING classics like "Fields Of Gold" and "Shape Of My Heart". In fact, you've heard him on all of STING's recordings. As one of the most sought after session guitarists of our time, he is featured on recordings by Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Sheryl Crow, Steve Winwood, Rod Stewart, The Pretenders and Luciano Pavarotti. His recent critically acclaimed all acoustic recording with 5 time Grammy Award nominated pianist/composer Peter Kater features guest appearances by vocalist, Kenny Loggins and cellist, Jaques Morelenbaum. Dominic Miller was born in 1960 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in 1970 his family moved to Racine, Wisconsin. He took up guitar as a young teenager and later studied with Sabastio Tapajos and at London's Guildhall School of Music. In 1989 Miller met producer Hugh Padgham for the first time, which not only led to Miller's appearance on Phil Collins' blockbuster album "But Seriously”, but also led to his playing on Sting's "The Soul Cages" in 1991. Ever since, Dominic Miller has been a member of Sting's working band, having played on each CD and every tour to date. Sting himself describes him as being "my right hand and my left hand". Not a minor compliment.
Dominic met Peter while working on a film score Peter was composing and recording and the two both felt they needed to record a CD together. “IN A DREAM” was released in late 2008 and July of 2009 marks the beginning of their first concert tour together. This promises to be an inspiring intimate evening of all acoustic music performed by these two very special musicians.
This concert will be held on Monday, July 27, 7:00 pm at the Santuario de Guadalupe on 417 Agua Fria St. Tickets are $25 until July 15 and $30 thereafter and are available for sale at Body. Please call 505-986-0362 for ticketing information. Visit for more information. Sponsored by La Posada de Santa Fe, Resort & Spa.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Body After Dark

Come dance with us! We are hosting a monthly dance night featuring the talented DJ Ultimate. Spinning a fusion of 80’s, dance, hip hop, pop, merengue, salsa, regueton and reggae, DJ Ultimate brings the right energy for what the crowd wants. Dance your heart out, or just lounge in our Soul room. We offer a wide selection of organic libations, including biodynamic wines and the best organic artisan beers! Don't miss out on the fun! Join us on July 10, at 9pm.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Revisiting The Energy in Healing

After a very hectic few months I have started to focus on healing myself again before my baby comes. I am 7 months pregnant with my first and have been warned over and over again to take care of myself now because it will not happen again for a long time. I decided to restart Dalahare healing, which has always given me wonderful results. They are at BODY every Monday. It also made me think of an article I wrote some months back about energy work. If you haven't read it, I hope it gives you some insight to all the different forms of healing we have to offer.


As printed in the September 2008 Sun Monthly

The Energy in Healing

Santa Fe has a worldwide reputation for being a healing destination. In addition to having one of the highest number of massage therapists per capita, the city also offers a variety of experiences that go beyond spa massage by offering services that create healing. I have met many people who have moved here specifically to practice healing work and to work on healing for themselves.
Energy work is one the numerous types of healing that are offered in Santa Fe. Practitioners use less-familiar terms such as qi, chakras, auras and energy fields to describe the health and inner flow of our bodies. Many types of energy work — such as Reiki, qigong, shiatsu, Seimei (meaning “vital life force”) and polarity therapy — are based on Eastern philosophies and have been around since the early 20th century. Other practices, such as tantric or pranic healing, are based on ancient Hindu beliefs and have been used for centuries. In addition to these practices, newer forms of energy work have evolved such as Dalahare, a stress-relief and healing methodology developed by notable healer Launi Hansen 15 years ago with the assistance of a scientist and physicist.
The concept of energy work is that we are all made up of energy that constantly ebbs and flows. In Chinese medicine it is called qi, pronounced “chee.” Some relate it to the blood that flows through our veins and the breath that fills our lungs. When we become stressed or ill, this creates a blockage. The energy stops flowing through the body correctly, leading to illness, stress and fatigue. Benefits from energy work differ for each person, but can include relief from tension, pain and stress; the release of stored physical, emotional and mental trauma; better food and vitamin absorption; and increased support of the immune system. The principle is that when we are relieved of stress, we can heal ourselves. Launi hansen states of dalahare, ''its about spiritual harmony and also creating emotional freedom in the physical body which enhances healing.'' she also states quite simply that ''the goal of dalahare is to establish a deeper peace and greater understanding of self''.
In energy work, the hands of the practitioner either do not touch or are gently laid on the body, and usually the client is fully clothed. It is a wonderful option for someone who may feel uncomfortable getting undressed for a massage. The practitioner moves his or her hands over the body part that requires healing or may follow a set pattern of movement to get the energy flowing throughout the body. Qigong works a little differently from other forms of energy healing: instead of lying on a table, individuals move their own body in positions similar to those of tai chi.
These forms of healing can come across a little on the unconventional side to someone who has never had the experience, but the results can be undeniable. I spoke with someone who practices shiatsu, and she said that after giving a treatment to people, she often notices drastic differences in their appearance: their shoulders drop and their skin looks plumper. “The most amazing thing is when they notice that their shoulders have dropped, they haven’t even been aware they were holding them in a tightly raised position.”
I was skeptical in the past, but personal experience has led me to highly recommend energy work. There are some elements that are hard to explain because the experience is unique to each person. The first time I experienced Dalahare, for example, I had no idea what to expect. What I found was that I went into an almost trancelike state, that point where you are just about to fall asleep, but are still conscious. I felt a slight tingling sensation. Afterward, it felt like I was floating in a dream and was the most relaxed I have ever been in my life.
Getting the best results with energy work requires some ongoing treatment, so it is best to work with someone with whom you feel comfortable. There is no quick fix for anything, though some people feel wonderful after just one treatment. Take advantage of all the opportunities we have in Santa Fe and give energy work a try. The results may amaze you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Organic Dreams

You spend 1/3 of your day in your bed, but are you sleeping well? Those of us with 100% organic cotton sheets and natural fiber bedding are! High quality cotton sheets breathe better than conventional sheets, plus they are free of toxic chemicals. Synthetic bedding and mattresses actually off-gas toxins from added fire retardants, harsh dyes, and plastics. You don't want to cuddle up to that now, do you?

Natural sheets and bedding are not only a luxury, they can contribute to your health! Check out Body's homewares department to create your own organic bedtime oasis.


Monday, June 22, 2009

BODY expanding again

Can you believe, we are expanding again? In our pursuit to offer something for everyone we are opening the first section of our expansion in the next few days. The boutique will be expanding to offer more products for men, women, and home. It is a beautiful space and we are very excited. Soon after our culinary school will be opening, which will offer all sorts of culinary classes, from raw to desserts. Keep your eye open for these classes, there will be something for all pallets. Well there is so much more to come, but I will leave the rest as as secret for now. Just know it is more to pamper your body, mind, and soul.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Information on BPA

I subscribe to a blog by the Organic Consumers Association. I highly recommend everyone sign up. It is incredibly informative about what is going on with world fuel, genetically engineered food, and many other items pertaining to organics. Recently this article was published about the effects of BPA.I am very glad that I replaced all of my to go bottles and coffee cups with ones from BODY which are all BPA-free.


this New Studies Link BPA to Heartbeat and Fertility Problems

* By Rory Harrington
Food Quality News, June 11, 2009
Straight to the Source

Fresh research linking bisphenol A (BPA) to heart beat disorders and fertility problems have added to the growing weight of opinion questioning the safety of the chemical.

BPA is used to make hard, clear plastics for food containers, dental sealants and the sealants that line food and beverage cans. Concern over the chemical has been rising in the US resulting in it being banned in two states and an announcement from the Food and Drug Administration to review its opinion that BPA is safe.

Two new studies presented this week at the Endocrine Society's annual meeting in Washington are sure to add to the controversy surrounding the chemical.

Irregular heartbeat

A study by a team at the University of Cincinnati (UC) found that exposure to BPA and/or estrogen causes abnormal activity in the hearts of female rats and mice. The group, lead by associate professor of pharmacology Scott Belcher, said that estrogen receptors are responsible for this effect in heart muscle cells.

Belcher said: "There is broad exposure to bisphenol A, despite recognition that BPA can have harmful effects. We had reason to believe that harmful cardiovascular affects can be added to the list."

The scientists said live cultures of cardiac cells isolated from rat or mouse hearts were briefly exposed to BPA and/or estrogen. It found the reaction in terms of heartbeat was sex-specific to women.

"Both compounds caused striking changes in the activity of cardiac muscle cells from females but not males," said a UC statement. "Additional studies revealed that these cellular changes in activity caused improperly controlled beating in the female heart."

Belcher added: "Basically, it's very clear that BPA is acting like estrogen. If we give estrogen at physiological concentrations, then add BPA, it's actually a synergistic effect. It's not like adding the two together. It's worse."

A second study presented by Yale University School of Medicine's reproductive endocrinology team claimed to show adverse effects on fertility in rodents following exposure to BPA.

Gene altering

The group, led by Professor Hugh Taylor, injected pregnant mice with a low dose of the chemical. After the animals gave birth, the scientists analyzed the uterus of female offspring and extracted DNA. They found that BPA contact during pregnancy had a lasting effect on one of the genes that is responsible for uterine development and subsequent fertility in both mice and humans (HOXA10).

"The genes that are necessary for normal pregnancy are altered," said Taylor, adding BPA changed the DNA code and the ability of DNA to express these genes.

He said: "A little transient exposure during a brief time period in pregnancy could permanently alter the DNA of the uterus.

"We don't know what a safe level of BPA is, so pregnant women should avoid BPA exposure. There is nothing to lose by avoiding items made with BPA-and maybe a lot to gain."

Research techniques questioned

But the American Chemistry Council (ACC) rejected the validity of the studies, accusing the authors of "bypassing the scientific process in favor of sensational press releases" and as "a scare tactic that will not promote public health".

Steven G. Hentges, of the ACC, said: "It is disappointing to see that some researchers continue to inject animals with bisphenol A since this experimental technique has recently been acknowledged by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to have very limited value for assessing human health effects. In addition, studies on cell cultures are unlikely to be directly relevant to human health and, unless and until such relevance is scientifically validated, should not be presented as evidence of health risks."

Monday, June 8, 2009

The danger in beauty

We are constantly bombarded by advertising of beauty products, in magazines, TV, and everywhere else we turn. But the long term consequences of some of those products are too scary to ignore. It all started with an article a few months ago and a little bit of research. It has me looking at beauty products in a whole new light. It seems many of them contain ingredients that are carcinogenic and this includes items at health food stores and products for children. I recently went through my bathroom and threw out at least 50% of the products that were in there. Now I spend more time in the store reading every single label. There are a few items in particular that you really should look out for: Parabens (methylparaben, ethylparaben(E214),propylparaben, and butylparaben); PEG's; dioxane 1,4 (most of the time this won't even be included in ingredients because it is considered a by-product. To read more go to; Sodium Laureth Sulfate; phenoxyethanol (which is considered a safer preservative then the Parabens and is in many natural products);OXYBENZONE (BENZOPHENONE-3); and Benzyl Alcohol (Alcohol can be required by the USDA & FDA if no other preservatives are used even in products considered organic). The list can go on and on and some of these are worse then others. The parabens, PEBs, and Dioxane being the worst offenders.You can look up specific products at They rate products on a 1 - 10 scale. 10 being the worst and go into details on why the products are bad. I think it is important that we are all educated on the products that we use every day and contact the companies to tell them how we feel. If we stand up to the worst offenders they will be forced to change their products and create better standards in the beauty industry. I hope this helps you feel empowered to make a difference in the cosmetic industry. There are many companies out there doing their best to offer safer products.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Health & Relaxation are not just for women

Women, do you invite the men in your life to join you at the spa? Do you encourage them to seek out treatments on their own or maybe accompany their daughters for a day at the spa? It is important to acknowledge that a body treatment at the spa can be a way of honoring a man’s inner peace, physical strength, and internal well being.
If there were a science to figuring out men and their relationship to spas, we who work at and frequent the spas would know it inside and out. But it’s so sporadic that the issue is really more cultural than scientific. I say lets take the challenge of looking at all things; boys, men, spa, and do I dare say emotionally related. From the dressing rooms of Victoria’s secret to grocery store lines, us women can and do talk about our bodies & feelings. But where is it normal for men to do this? If there are places, they often tend to make a big deal about the pairing of men and well umm . . .emotions. As though those two don’t naturally go together. Where are the male spaces for all things feeling related to be normalized and not emphasized?
Since I was a young girl my mother always took me to female bathhouses where women of all ages and emotional states bathed together. I knew as a little girl this is the place where women came to talk with their bodies, about their bodies. But what little boys are exposed to this when they are young? Where can they be in the midst of men of all ages, to be present, absorb, and hopefully understand without ever awkwardly using the word emotion? The most interesting thing about emotions, for men and women, is that you don’t have to do a single thing verbally to fully express them. Science other than spa science shows that translating your intangible thoughts into tangible words through the physical activity of writing is one of the healthiest ways to express oneself. I recently was given a beautiful Royal typewriter from 1966, in pristine condition, and the best part is, it doesn’t type. So when I am really stressed out I take my typewriter in the backyard and type pages and pages of everything I am thinking and feeling. Then I pull out those blank pages and feel like I expressed, it’s out there, and its over, I don’t have anything left over to reflect on. Writing is not the only way to release, though. Maybe the science behind getting men to embrace the spa as women have, lies in the concept, that the tiniest of sighs as you zone out in a massage can equal that of a thousand words.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"You are what you eat"

We've all heard this adage a million times, but even although the saying may be tired, the truth in it is more relevant than ever. The way you nourish yourself quite literally creates the cells that make up your body, and determines your health. So how would we eat if this simple mantra was going through everyone's head? There's no doubt that organic food would gain even more popularity, and processed food would decline into obsolescence.

Food and nourishment is truly an important and weighted topic, and should not be taken lightly, nor for granted. Give thanks for the nourishment you get from your food, and watch how meals can become yet another daily experience where you can practice consciousness.

If you are interested in how to prepare consciously crafted, healthy food, please join us this weekend for our Raw Culinary Class by Dr. Kartar and Deva Khalsa. Learn how to reframe your conceptions on food to see how it can serve as medicine!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

your body and the cosmos

" Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos - the trees, the clouds, everything."

~Thich Nhat Hanh

What do you do to thank your body for carrying you through life? Find a simple way to practice gratitude to your body everyday, and in doing so, see yourself in everything, and everything within yourself.


Friday, May 1, 2009

BODY Style

Shama considers adding the Corset Dress to her suitcase for a trip to Germany.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tacos at Body café

Have you ever had the pleasure to go on the ultimate foodie's adventure known as Body café's tacos? If you are in the know, you already have tried them. We have clients that travel from out of state just for these yummy examples of Mexican cuisine! Body café offers something for everyone - even in taco form! Satisfy your hunger cravings with a choice of taco fillings for anyone's diet - chicken, tofu, tempe, egg, or my favorite, smoked salmon! ¡Son muy sabrosos!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Arbor Day!

"Trees are your best antiques." ~Alexander Smith

Today is Arbor Day! Observe this nationally-celebrated day by planting a tree! Relationships with humans take up a lot of time and energy, so creating a bond with non-humans, like trees, must be a conscious choice. Plant a tree to mark a special anniversary, a yearly commitment, or the completion of one of life's milestones. Over the years, your bond with the tree will grow, and your subtle connection has the potential of lasting a lifetime!

I have a special connection with an aspen and a plum tree. What kind of tree are you connected to?